Unveiling CHB: How The Smart System Works

As Bedakid teachers, we all understand the importance of providing timely and personalized feedback to our students. However, the repetitive nature of this task can be daunting. Enter Comment Helper Buddha (CHB), a tool designed to automate the comment writing process without losing the personal touch that makes feedback meaningful.

How It Works

CHB employs an intelligent system to automatically generate comments in the learning content area (the first text-area). Let's break down its components:

  • Varied greetings and sign-offs, as well as intros and outros to introduce and conclude comments with a personal touch.

  • Lesson progress detection

  • Intelligent sentence construction adapts to the lesson's specifics, ensuring relevant feedback.

  • Vocabulary from the lesson is highlighted within the comments, enriched with emojis to aid comprehension.

Hello Joyce, teacher Ed P here!👋
What a wonderful class with you! Your efforts in today's lesson were outstanding.✔️ Keep up the great work!
We finished the lesson "Magnets Work!" and continued the lesson "Starry Night".
Our main objective today was to learn new words and refine our speaking skills by incorporating them into complete sentences, enabling us to effectively communicate our thoughts and ideas.
The vocabulary words we covered today were:
Starry night✨, the stars🌟, what else🤔, the planets🪐, the Milky Way🌌, sleeping bag, bring, telescope🔭, farther⬆, crescent🌙/full🌕/half moon🌓, shooting star🌠, binoculars, different from, moonlight, walk my dog, faraway things, set up a tent, take a close look🔍, look through, a giant spoon🥄, the Big Dipper, amazing, sequence, camp.
You were absolutely wonderful today! I hope our class was as exciting for you as it was for me. 🌟
Can't wait to see you in the next class. Bye! 👋🏆🍀🌈

Breaking Down the Components

Varied Greetings and Sign-offs

CHB's database is rich with a wide variety of greetings and sign-offs, ensuring each comment feels unique and personal. These elements are randomly selected to start and end each piece of feedback, mimicking the natural variability in human communication.

Lesson Progress Detection

This feature cleverly identifies where a student is within their lesson plan. Whether they've just begun a new topic, are in the middle, or have completed it, CHB adjusts its feedback accordingly. This ensures the feedback is not only relevant but also increases the personalization of the comment.

Intelligent Sentence Construction

At the heart of CHB's innovation lies its ability to construct sentences that reflect the specific content of the lesson covered. This involves an advanced understanding of the curriculum and the ability to match feedback with the student's learning progress. For instance, if a lesson on shapes was conducted, CHB will include references to specific shapes learned, embedding them within contextually relevant sentences.

Examples of Intelligent Sentence Construction:

  • Finished a HB numbers class:

    Numbers were the stars today! We discovered a new number, learned lots of number words, made sentences, and had fun with number games. You're doing great!

  • Wonder Skills Basic (page 24):

    During class, we immersed ourselves in an interesting story, carefully reading each page and answering all the questions to deepen our understanding. Additionally, we focused on the pronunciation of new words introduced in the story.

  • PM Advanced (page 42):

    In today's class, we actively discussed the story and undertook exercises to reinforce our comprehension. Through answering questions, completing fill-in-the-blank activities, and analyzing the plot, we sharpened our critical thinking abilities and solidified our grasp of the lesson's content.

  • Reviewed a REF Lesson:

    Today's lesson was a journey back through past topics. We revisited key words and practiced structuring comprehensive sentences.

  • ✨Integrating Emojis and Vocabulary✨

    CHB enriches its feedback with relevant emojis, making the comments more engaging and easier for students to relate to the words. Moreover, it highlights vocabulary from the lesson, ensuring students can see their learning targets directly within the feedback.