The Story Behind Comment Helper Buddha

The Story Behind Comment Helper Buddha

Hey there, I'm Milan Savić, the brain behind Comment Helper Buddha. Straight out of Leskovac, Serbia, I've turned my blend of English teaching experience and self-taught programming skills into something that's making life easier for all of my colleagues and me.

The Journey

Back in 2021, while juggling English classes at Bedakid, I hit a wall. The grind of writing endless, repetitive comments post-class was sucking the life out of me. It wasn't just me feeling the burn; my fellow teachers were in the same boat. So, I thought, "Why not make these computers do the heavy lifting?" That's where Comment Helper Buddha was born - out of sheer frustration and a desire to claw back some sanity.

The Grind

I won't lie - bringing CHB to life was no walk in the park. Picture this: after a long day of teaching, I'd dive into programming, teaching myself the ropes while trying to piece together this tool. It was a double-edged sword; I was solving the very problem that was driving me nuts, but it mean time, even more screen time and comments. The irony wasn't lost on me.

The Payoff

Fast forward to January 15, 2022, CHB goes live. Suddenly, all those evenings spent coding, testing, and sometimes cursing at my screen started paying off. Hearing from teachers about how CHB gave them their evenings back, or how it lifted that post-class dread? That's the stuff that keeps me going. Yet, the reality hit: passion doesn't pay the bills. After refining CHB for a year and a less-than-ideal announcement about the change, I started charging a small fee for it on December 15, 2021. The shift was met with mixed feelings, but the mission to enhance teaching efficiency remained unwavering.

Why Do I Charge?

Simple. Time is money. If CHB is slicing 15 minutes off your daily grind, that's tangible savings right there. For the price of a fancy coffee a month, CHB streamlines your workload, giving you back your sanity and free time. And let's be honest, keeping CHB up and running isn't magic; it takes work, updates, and a whole lot of caffeine.

Looking Ahead

I'm not done yet. CHB is my baby, and like any proud parent, I've got big dreams for it. More features, more efficiency, and making sure it's always by your side during those long teaching days. Stay tuned, and hey, don't be a stranger - drop me a line if you've got ideas, feedback, or just want to chat.